Introduction: How to Make Oreo Coconut Milk Pudding

hello everyone, now I'll show you how to make my oreo coconut milk pudding, follow and see the rarity guys


The tool that I use to make pudding is very simple you guys, and the tool is

1. scissors (for cutting oreo and pudding packaging)
2 stoves (for pudding cooking)
3 containers / pudding
  (to bake a cooked pudding)

Step 1: How to Make Oreo Coconut Milk Pudding

The first step

prepare coconut milk and then add the pudding into coconut milk and add sugar and salt to taste. Taste in advance all the ingredients that have been mixed, if it is fit heat the ingredients that were mixed earlier on the stove until the coconut milk thickens

Step 2: How to Make Oreo Coconut Milk Pudding

step two

while waiting for the ingredients to be cooked, I will prepare the container and oreo. I crushed it first and then I put the crushed oreo inside the container.

Step 3: How to Make Oreo Coconut Milk Pudding

third step

if the pudding is cooked and thickens then turn off the stove and remove the pudding and put it in a container that has been given oreo.And if it has been put in wait for an hour for the pudding to cool and then put it in the fridge and wait for 20 minutes, eat oreo coconut milk pudding is ready to be enjoyed