Introduction: How to Make PVC LAPTOP STAND

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PVC is one of the largest synthetic plastic polymers. It comes in hard and flexible shapes and is mainly used for the production of plastic bottles, tubes, plastic furniture and other packaging, Here I'm focus exclusively on PVC pipes, which are always cheap to get from local hardware store, easy to reach and practical to work well, After serving your primary water supply needs, PVC pipes become one of the most selective materials in the DIY range, Here I covered :-

  1. PVC Pipe Cutting
  2. Sanding
  3. Painting

The thing that will make you jump with joy is that this PVC project are cost-effective and have a beginner difficulty level! Only the basic tools & techniques that you use will be all familiar with them.

Materials Required :-

  • PVC Pipe (1-1/4" PVC Channel Pipe, Furniture Grade - 5 FT)
  • 6 Elbows (1-1/4" 90 Degree PVC fitting - Furniture Grade)
  • Hand Saw
  • Sand Paper (Grit No.220
  • Steel Tape
  • Paint (I Used White Acrylic paint)
  • Paint Brush
  • Cardboard
  • Scissor
  • Glue

Note:- Use mask while cutting, sanding & painting phase.

Step 1: You Will Need

For every stand section - including the ends - you will need.

  • PVC Pipe (1-1/4" PVC Channel Pipe, Furniture Grade - 5 FT)
  • 6 Elbows (1-1/4" 90 Degree PVC fitting - Furniture Grade)

Step 2: Measure Your Laptop

My laptop is 15.6 inch, before making cut measure required length.

Step 3: Cutting - PVC Pipe

Hold PVC Pipe tightly with your hand, cut the pipe at the markings using with hand saw.

3 different Lengths Required :-

  • 1 Piece of 30 cm
  • 2 Piece of 24 cm
  • 2 Piece of 6 cm

Step 4: Make Elbow Plugs/Cap

At the base of the laptop stand, make an elbow cardboard cap. On cardboard, draw 2 circles with a circular elbow, cut with scissors, then glue it on both sides of the elbow.

Step 5: Sanding - Grit No.220

Sanding is necessary to remove some dirt and stains, as well as a glossy surface removed, which is later good for painting.

Step 6: Paint - Acrylic

Here I painted a white acrylic in the same direction of the brush pattern, giving a straight line effect with a brush stroke.

Step 7: DRY It

After painting all PVC pipes and elbows, glue it with tape and hang it for drying for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Step 8: Final Assembly

The pieces fit very tight and remember that we can easily use a laptop stand anywhere in the kitchen, terrace, car or desktop.

This PVC Laptop Stand has a really neat effect, and looks great everywhere.

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