Introduction: How to Make Pastel Show Up Without Pressing Too Hard With Colour

I have always had trouble with making oil pastel show up as well as I wanted it to without taking forever on a project. And by the time I have finished pressing so hard, it's very difficult to add a tree or a bird or anything else next to or in the sky or any kind of landscape.

What you will need to make things easier is:

A sheet of paper

A pencil

Oil pastels

Step 1: Add Colour

To add colour without using up too much of a coloured pastel, go on with the colour not too heavily. Then, when all the colour is applied, take a white pastel and go over the colour very heavily.

Step 2: Make an Image

My sky is finished and I want to add a few birds. But there is no room, so I go in with the pencil after taking the eraser out and then etch out the image. Then, I go in with a colour to make my birds.