Introduction: How to Make Pork Crackling


I had some left over pork skin from a pork shoulder that was used for another recipe, so instead of throwing it out I turned it into crackling. Super easy and tasty but there are a few steps that need to be followed to get the best results.

Usually crackling is made when the skin is still on the roast, so this technique can be applied to a full roast with the meat still on as well. Just leave the high heat roasting until the end.

Step 1: Ingredients

    There is not much to the ingredients:

    • Pork skin
    • Salt
    • Flure de sel or Flaky Salt
    • Ground pepper

    Step 2: Method

    Lets cook!

    • Start by taking the pork skin and salting it well, this is called a dry brine.
    • Score the skin in long 1/4" strips using a sharp utility knife.
    • Refrigerate it overnight or longer uncovered, this allows the skin to dry out and will help the skin become nice and crispy when roasted. This step is optional but it really gives the best result.
    • When ready to make the crackling, preheat the oven to 450F.
    • Salt the top of the skin with some flure de sel or flaky salt, this gives texture.
    • Add a generous amount of freshly ground pepper.
    • Place the crackling in the preheated oven and roast for 30 minutes or until puffy and crispy.

    Cut or crumble the crackling into small pieces, they can be enjoyed by themselves or serve it with other food. The crackling adds an amazing texture and flavor too all kinds of foods, like a salad or tacos. It's so rich bursting with flavor with an amazing texture!

    Check out my video too: