How to Make Powdered Nutella

Introduction: How to Make Powdered Nutella

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I come from a huge Nutella family. We love that food so much! I was reading about the Science of Cooking contest and found out about powdered Nutella. I had to try it. It's actually super easy and really good, so for anybody else who is curious, here's how to make it:

Step 1: You Will Need...

  • Food-Grade Tapioca Maltodextrin (This can be found at some health food stores, or on Amazon.)
  • Nutella (Or peanut butter, or almond butter, or regular butter, or an oil, or pretty much anything with a high fat content. Flavorful things work best.)

Step 2: How Does It Work?

Maltodextrin is a type of glucose. It has oil-loving parts on the inside, and water-loving parts on the outside. So it holds the oil inside, and then releases it when it touches water or is heated, which breaks down the particles. Similar products are used in cake mixes.

Step 3: Measure Food.

Measure out as much as you want to use of your fat. I normally use about the same amount of maltodextrin as I did for the fat, but it tends to vary with what fat I'd used, like with peanut butter and olive oil. Start small, then add more if needed.

Step 4: Mix It Up!

Mix until you have a powder. Food processors work best, but if that is not an option you can just use a spoon. It just takes longer.

Step 5: Fine Tune.

Break up any lumps. You can also use a mesh strainer to make the powder finer.

Store in an airtight container in a dry place.

Step 6: Use!

Imagine all the cool things you could do with powdered Nutella! I will be baking some cupcakes soon, and I added it to yogurt which was tasty. I've also heard it tastes good on ice cream! Yum!

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    4 years ago

    And it is yummy on ice cream. Here's how I do it. Open the jar, spoon a lot on top of my ice cream. Hide jar. Eat.


    Reply 4 years ago

    That is the way to do it! Nutella is good on pretty much everything.


    4 years ago

    We practically had to ban Nutella from the house. Arguments had ensued over who had the most, who deserved any, and even who hid it! Stuff is good yea!