Introduction: How to Make Professional Juggling Balls

About: Professional Entertainer

These are durable juggling balls that are fun to make and sparkle under stage lights or in the sunshine. Become a star!


1. Three tennis balls

2. Pointed Scissors

3. 39 pennies

4. Mylar tape from Target

5. Four inch cardboard guide

6. Super Glue

Step 2: Cut Open the Ball

Slice open tennis ball along seam. Squeeze to see opening. It needs to be big enough to fit a penny inside. You can make the opening bigger with a straight razor but be careful not to cut yourself. Don't make it too big.

Step 3: Load the Ball

Count out three piles of thirteen pennies and put thirteen in each ball. If you don't know how to juggle use these as practice balls before you make your pro disco juggling balls.

Step 4: STRIPS

Make a four x two inch cardboard card out of an old cereal box. Use it to cut four inch strips of the mylar tape. Make a lot of strips and stick them as shown.

Step 5: Apply Strips

Cut strips in half the long way. Apply each strip to the loaded ball. Always start in the same two spots. Two strips should make a circumference of the ball. Apply evenly as shone in photos. Cover all of the green. Add extra strips over small uneven folds.

Step 6: Glue End Strips

Apply super glue to the two areas where the strips end. Let dry for several hours. The super glue will not dry quickly.

Step 7: Video Link of Me Juggling the Pro Balls

Here is a video showing 25 easy three ball tricks;