Introduction: How to Make Russian Juggling Balls

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make the most affordable Russian Juggling Balls available. These Russians are a little different than usual because they are textured as opposed to the normal smooth Russian ball. They are also a tad bit smaller than a normal Russian ball, which makes them easier to handle. Watch the linked video for more details and demonstration.

Step 1: What You Need

Franklin Aero-Strike Plastic Baseballs:




120 Grit Sandpaper:

Paper Plates:

Box Cutter:

Glue Gun:

Gram Scale (This is the one I use in my videos):

Sheet of Paper

Step 2: Make Funnel

Cut a pyramid shaped piece out of the sheet of paper about 4 inches wide at it's widest point and a quarter of an inch wide at it's slimmest point. "Wrap" that paper into a funnel shape. Take a piece of pre-cut tape and tape it to retain it's shape.

Step 3: Cut Hole in Ball

Take the box cutter and cut a hole out of one of the practice baseballs (cut around existing hole). Try to cut it out in one piece to make the sealing process easier.

Step 4: Fill With Salt

Using the funnel, transfer salt into the ball (place paper plate beneath to catch extra salt). You may have to fill up the funnel with salt, then wait for it to drain into the ball, then repeat the process. Once you get it to around the weight that feels right to you, place it on the scale to see how close you are. I make my balls 100 grams, but you can fill them as heavy or as light as you need. Add or empty salt as needed.

Step 5: Seal Ball Closed

Once you have filled the ball to your desired weight, place the plastic you cut out earlier back in place. If you didn't cut the piece out in in once piece, you can always cut a new piece from another ball. Take the pre-heated glue gun and rest the metal tip on top of the seam and gradually remelt the plastic together. Add more pieces of plastic as necessary.

Step 6: Smooth Surface

Once the plastic has cooled, take the sand paper and smooth out the surface. Repeat this process for each ball. (Hint: It's faster if you do them all at the same time.)

Step 7: Finished!

That's it! You have learned to assemble the most affordable Russian juggling balls. Juggle away! Don't know how? The linked videos provide some basic tutorials. Have fun!