Introduction: How to Make Smoked Salmon

Introduction : Cold Smoked Salmon

This is the culminating instruction on creating a the cold smoke generator. This is where the food is actually smoked.

I have decided to break the instructions into a number of key parts which might just be useful components on their own.

Part 0 - Smoker

Part 1 - Vent

Part 2 - Door

Part 3 - Pump

Step 1: Ingredients

All the ingredients to create smoked salmon.

  • 0.75kg Salmon
  • 2.0l water
  • 250g PDV salt
  • 250g Sugar
  • 50g maple syrup
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 10g cracked black pepper
  • Oak wood (tree)

Step 2: Equipement

Needed to brine and smoke the salmon

  • Large container (plastic trug)
  • Plate
  • Flat dish or oven pan
  • Cold Smoker
  • Charcoal
  • Firelighter

Step 3: Cure the Salmon

Brine the salmon

  • Mix all the ingredients together in the large container
  • Place the salmon into the brine
  • Place a plate on top of the salmon to hold it under the water
  • Leave in a cool place for 6 hours curing

Dry the salmon

  • Remove the salmon
  • Wash the salmon
    • Previously I have never done this enough and the salmon was too salty
  • Wash the salmon more
    • Taste some and check its edible
  • Place in a flat container
  • Leave to dry for 6 hours (The surface will dry and become slightly tacky)

Step 4: Smoke the Salmon

Now just smoke the salmon

  • Cut up the wood into reasonable sized chunks
  • Open all the vents in the cold smoker
  • Add a firelighter to the cold smoker
  • Add a small amount of charcoal
  • Set fire the firelighter
  • Add the wood to the smoker
  • Place the salmon in the smoking chamber
  • Turn on the pump
  • Wait for 6 hours

**There was a certain amount of adjustment needed opening and closing the top vent to keep the smoker working**

**The volume of smoke generated was generally about the same as the video**

**I did a temperature check to make sure that it was same as the outside temperature**