Introduction: How to Make Solar Rechargeable Light

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you need a solar panel 4 to 6 volts

old phone battery with protection circuit a diode no zener

switch and a LED or a LED array

Step 1: Attach the Diode to the Solar Panel

make sure the white line is facing away from the solar panel

Step 2: Hot Glue the Switch to Solar Panel

Step 3: Step 3

the battery and the solar panel share the same ground along with the LED also begin soldering led to be switch

Step 4: Step 4

positive of the battery goes to the other side of the diode

Step 5:

positive of the LED goes to where the battery positive goes and attach a wire to the switch AND YOUR DONE

Step 6:

test if the light comes on when you flip the switch put it in the sun and see if the battery voltage increases

Step 7: Cover Up the Electronics With a Case or Tape

cover up the electrons with a case or tape


cover up the electrons with a case or tape