Introduction: How to Make String Art With Yarn

This is one of my String Art Project, where I have used strings drawn in straight lines to make circles and beautiful geometric patterns.

Please go through the instructable to see how you can make this String Art very easily

Step 1: Material Required

  • One solid Card Board without any hollows. I have used one from an old daily calendar
  • Dark colored art paper or cloth preferably in black color
  • String or yarn of your choice. I have used multi-colored knitting yarn here.
  • Pins
  • An A4 sized printing paper

Step 2: Draw Circle

  • Take A4 sized printing paper and draw a circle to the maximum diameter with a drawing compass
  • Draw a straight line through the center of circle anywhere connecting the circle

Step 3: Measure Angles and Draw Lines

  • Using a Protractor placed along the drawn line at center, mark points at 20 degrees intervals
  • Connect the points with the center to outline of circles. This will give you 18 points on the circle

Step 4: Prepare Card Board

  • Open up the black colored art paper and place the card board in it
  • Mark required amount of Art paper to cover the card board with allowance to glue at the back
  • Cut the art paper to size and glue it to the back of the card board
  • Do not apply glue on the front

Step 5: Attach Pins at Points

  • Place the A4 sized white paper with the drawn pattern on the center of the Card Board
  • Attach pins at each point on the circle. You can use a light hammer or mallet to drive the pins into the card board
  • After driving the pins into the card board, remove the white paper with the pattern from board
  • Now the pins are attached to the card board over the black colored art paper. If required, apply instant glue to keep the pins in position

Step 6: Draw String

  • We got 18 pins attached on the circle at 20 degrees intervals. Let us start from any pin and number it as 1
  • Tie the multi-colored yarn at number 1 pin, take it to number 6 pin and bring it back to number 18 pin
  • Continue in this pattern, from 18 to 5, 5 to 17, 17 to 4, 4 to 16 and so on
  • When you reach the number 1 pin at the end, the pattern drawn with the string will look like this at the last picture here.
  • Tie the yarn at number 1 pin

Step 7: Draw Border With Yarn and Finish

Let us draw the circle's border with yarn

  • Now our yarn is tied at number 1 pin
  • Take the yarn to number 3 pin and bring it back to number 2 pin
  • Draw yarn from 2 to 4 and back to 3, 3 to 5 and back to 4 and so on.
  • After completing and reaching number 1 pin, the design will look like this at the last picture
  • Tie the yarn at number 1 pin and trim excess

Display the board at any place of your choice at home. People will love it

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