How to Make Sushi #HMS2018

Introduction: How to Make Sushi #HMS2018

Hello! In this intructable you’ll be learning how to make sushi! You’ll need:

Shrimp tempura // fish sticks // halibut bites
Sesame seeds
Bamboo sushi rolling mat
Plastic food wrap
Sushi vinegar
Rice cooker
And an oven

Let’s get rolling!

Step 1: Get Your Rice and Start to Cook

First, get one scoop of rice into your container.
Second, full the container with some water and then place it into the machine. Plug in the rice cooker
Third, press “white rice” and now you’ll get started on your veggies.

Step 2: Vegetables and Meat.

Start cutting your vegetables.
Peel your carrots and slice the cucumbers into segments. Cut the segments from there for efficient slicing. Do the same with the carrots and avocados.

For your meat, get whatever fried seafood you have (fish sticks, tempura, or halibut bites) and place it in the oven. I used halibut bites which bake on 350 degrees and for 20-25 minutes.

Step 3: Preparations

After you cut your vegetables, wait for your rice to finish cooking and then cooling. Once that is done, get your nori (sushi seaweed essentially) and lay it on top of your rolling mat.

Remember to cover your rolling mat with plastic food covering and put plastic gloves over your hands!

Scoop out rice from your rice cooker and marinade it with sushi vinegar.

Step 4: Preparations 2: Return of the Rice

Get a bowl, fill it with water. Use whenever rice sticks to your hand.

Scoop rice out of the bowl. Spread evenly.

Drizzle sesame seeds over the rice.

Add your seafood and vegetables onto the rice in the middle. Next you roll

Step 5: Rolling and Cutting

Use the end of the mat and roll to the top. Keep the end side of the plastic wrap with you so you can pull the roll out when finished rolling. Tuck the sushi in to completely cover the roll with the mat and plastic wrap.

When finished rolling pull out the plastic wrap and you should have a perfectly rolled sushi roll.

Cut with caution.

Step 6: Finished Product

After cutting, place in a plate and you can decorate as much as you want. I made some wasabi and got a bowl and put some soy sauce in it. I decorated it as a dragon since it’s a dragon roll. Have fun!

(Ignore the ugly picture of me)

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    Making your own sushi is a great way to save money and eat well at the same time.


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