How to Make Two Iron Doors Open at the Same Time

Introduction: How to Make Two Iron Doors Open at the Same Time

About: My name is Jacob, I love to play Minecraft, code in Python, and weave paracord!

Welcome to my new page! I have done Instructables before, but I started a new page cause I decided to change the way I was gonna do some things on my page. Thanks for finding me! Today we will learn how to make two iron doors open at the same time. I have not done a video where I talked for a while now so some things sound a little funny and I don't word things the best way, but I am sure this will get better in the future. I do apologize for the sharp and slightly awkward ending at the end, and I will definitely be better at that next time! Anyways thanks for watching and comments and suggestions (for the build and for my video skills ;), are welcome!

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing :)


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    Thanks for watching!