How to Make USB Mobile Charger Using 9V Battery

Introduction: How to Make USB Mobile Charger Using 9V Battery

How can we make very portable and very easy charger for our mobile phone. In this project you don't need to have much knowledge in electronics, it is a very easy project and anyone can do it.

Step 1: How to Make It?

It's a very simple project to do. I made it using only 9v battery,voltage regulator and female USB connector and the design is extremely portable. Though you cannot full charge your mobile but it's a fun project to try out.Check it out in the video for full instruction.

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    2 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago

    Can anyone tell me we're to get the female usb connector and other pieces show to make portable usb charge believe it called voltage regulator what that were do get it


    4 years ago

    Changing the voltage is one thing, buy how does this affect the apms going to the phone?:)