Introduction: How to Make Your Own Personal Fitness Instructor at Home

In this project we will learn how to make your personal fitness instructor at home without ever leaving your home. This project is so simple you can probably make it in less then a day! When I tried this out it really worked for me and it kept motivated to keep working. During Covid 19 we can't really go out so I made this to help people who really need a fitness instructor.


Materials are



speakers or any thing with Bluetooth the gives audio

Voice recorder appVideo Editor ( optional )

Step 1: Recording

In this step all you have to do is bring up your voice recording app and recording any thing that you wan to do in your workout are any encouraging and motivating words. You can also record your self as the fitness instructor to give it the feel that you have a instructor. So after you finish recording you have download it or share it to yourself it you want to edit it. In Apple and Windows the both come in with a downloaded voice recording app.

Step 2: Editing

In this you can pull up any video editing software I used a free online video app called Magisto the smart video editor and Videopad. For this I added some workout music to go along with it. In Video pad you can change the volume of the audio so I made the music 45% and the training word 70% so you can get mix of them.

Step 3: Playing the Workout

In this find a Bluetooth audio playing device and pair it with your phone or laptop and then start playing the workout project that just did. I used headphone so I hear it more and it would be stick in my head of what to do. But anything is fine.

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