How to Make Your Own Wooden Fidget Spinner EASY!!!

Introduction: How to Make Your Own Wooden Fidget Spinner EASY!!!

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This is how to make your own fidget spinner quite easily! Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

these are the things you will need:









9.wood stainer (optional)

Step 2: Trace Your Bearings.

Get your pencil and trace the bearings so you can know where to drill.

Step 3: Draw Your Shape Around the Bearing Tracings.

Draw the shape you want around the bearing tracings and make it as perfect as possible.

Step 4: Saw Out the Shape

Now what you do is saw out the shape.

Step 5: Drill the Holes.

Drill your holes for your bearings. It does not matter if it has a chip like above. If it does, don't worry, it will still work.

Step 6: Trace Extra Details. (Optional)

You can add details if you want.

Step 7: Saw Out Your Details.

Simply, saw out your details.

Step 8: Sand It Down.

Sand it down so there are little to no splinters.

Step 9: Place the Bearings

Put the bearings into the holes. Stain the frame if you want.

Step 10: Enjoy Your New Fidget Spinner!

Have fun with your fidget spinner! if you have questions, ask in the comments!

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    You can get bearings from skateboard wheels, scateboard shops, ebay and amazon. Probally a LOT of other places too. This is free if you already have this stiff laying around (like I did).


    Reply 5 years ago

    A standard 608 bearing normally has grease in it

    Usually you would clean it in acetone, as you would get a lot better spin after :)

    Great ible and great design!