Introduction: How to Make a Airsoft Sentry Gun

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In the above video, I will be explaining how you can make your own airsoft sentry gun. I hope that you enjoy this video. If so, I would appreciate it if you gave it a LIKE!

Parts List:

- Arduino Uno

- 1K Ohm resistors (x2)

- Printed circuit board

- Wire

- Red LED

- TIP120 Transistor

- 1N4004 Diode

- 6V battery pack (holds 4 AA batteries)

- 3 Pin Header (x3)

- Project box

- Webcam

- Any two high torque servos (I used a Hitec HS-5755MG and a S2008MG)

- Switch

- Plentry of 16mm MDF or material of your choice

- L-Brackets (x2)

- Hardware (screws, bolts, nuts)

- Music stand or Tripod

- 1 1/4 wheels (x4)

- Gravity fed Airsoft gun

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