How to Make an Awesome Paper Airplane




Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Paper Airplane

This is the best paper airplane you will ever make. It flys great and is super cheap to make. This kind of craft is fun for all ages. You will have so much fun and is a great family activity. Read on to find how to make this awesome airplane.

Step 1: The Supplies

The only supplies you will need are

  1. paper
  2. tape
  3. Optional: coloring supplies (markers, colored pencils etc.)

3 things, that's all you need

I even included a spreadsheet to see at max how much money you would have to spend if you didn't have these items at home

Step 2: Design Concept

This is my design concept where I tried to draw what the finished paper airplane will look like from a top view and a side view.

Step 3: Fold a Sheet of Paper Hot Dog Style.

Step 4: Unfold Back to Original Size.

Step 5: Fold the Top Corners of the Paper to Make Two Small Right Triangles

Step 6: Fold Back in Half

Step 7: Fold the Wing Until the Bottom of the Corner Lines Up With the Bottom of the Airplane

Step 8: Repeat to the Other Side

Step 9: Fold the Corner Again to Make a Smaller Triangle

Step 10: Repeat to Other Side

Step 11: Wrap Tape Around the Tip to Reinforce It

Step 12: Add Tape to the Places in the Pictures to Hold the Airplane Together

Step 13: Decorate Your Paper Airplane With Your Coloring Supplies If You Wish

Step 14: Summary

Be careful if you don’t throw it at anyone two hard because the tip does hurt and, make sure you don’t throw it at any hard surfaces or the tip might start to crinkle. Hope you like this paper airplane and have fun.

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    Nice. You can illustrate how to make the paper airplane with the same piece of paper that you actually use to make the paper air plane. I love it.


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    Good job buddy.