How to Make a Birthday Gift for Your Father on Tinkercad.

Introduction: How to Make a Birthday Gift for Your Father on Tinkercad.

About: I am just a programmer and a 3D designer trying to share this knowledge with the world ^_^

Hi guys! It's me again. This is my project to make your father happy!

This project is on how to make a birthday present for your dad on tinkercad. Sometimes don't you just sit at your couch on your dad's birthday wondering that you could have given him something sweet which would have made him very happy. Then you just remember that you do not have money or you are a kid :-). The most common thing that comes to your mind is to draw him a gift but for some of us(like me), we draw really bad. Also most of the people who want to wish their dad a happy Birthday frequently draw them something nice or buy them a gift. Let's do something different this time. Something absolutely free. My idea is that we can make a 3d design for him. Isn't that great! Let's start then! ;-). Also, I write the dimensions in this format: length-breadth-height.

Check this design out at -

Disclaimer: All of this is impossible to 3D print. It will not work. Thank You!

2nd Disclaimer: This project can also be used as a father's day or mother's birthday or mother's day etc. gift. I made it as a father's birthday because today is my father's birthday. (18th October)


1) Internet 2) Yourself 3) An email address (google might be easy)

Step 1: About Me

Hello Guys! I am Rishab Bandhu. I am 12 years old right now(2020). I make fun projects on tinkercad and many times even robots. I express my creativity in designing and robotics. I also love programming and as a developer, I have learned many different programming languages such as python and embedded C (Arduino programming) The last thing I wanted to say is that I just wanted to respect my super awesome teacher, Prakash Sakari, who has taught me everything I know about designing and robotics. Enough about me. Let's start the design.

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Now I have bored you enough with the boring stuff and let's start with the fun stuff which is designing.

Firstly, let's make the head of the trophy. Take a paraboloid. The dimensions of the paraboloid are 40-40-25 mm. Now take another paraboloid. Convert it into a hole. The dimensions of this hole are 38-38-15. Raise the hole by 10.5 mm. Align the hole with the paraboloid in the centre(3rd image). Do not group both the shapes. (we will do it later) Now you are done with the mouth of the trophy.

Step 3: The Upper Body of the Trophy

Let's make the upper body of the trophy! Take a cylinder and set the dimensions to 30 - 30 - 25 mm. Now, take another paraboloid of dimension: 35 - 35 - 25mm. Also, invert the paraboloid as shown in image 2 and get it 20 mm below the surface. Centre align all the shapes and group them too. (3rd image) Now place a box (hole) directly below the surface. Set the box to any dimension bigger than that of the paraboloid but the height should be 20 mm only. Group these 3 shapes now. You should have a figure looking like the fifth image. You are done with the upper body now. Yay!

Step 4: The Lettering and the Lower Body of the Trophy


Let's make the letterings on the trophy. For that take a "text ring" shape. The dimensions are 30.5 - 30,5 - 10 mm. Write whatever you want in it. I have written 'Happy Birthday Dad'.


For the lower body, take a cylinder of dimensions: 45-15-30 mm. Now take a paraboloid and set the dimensions to 35 - 35 - 20. Center align both the shapes as shown in image 3. Now, you have to take another cylinder of dimensions 40 - 40 - 5 mm. and place it below your lower body of the trophy. Center align all of the shapes and group them. Yay! You have all the shapes to assemble the trophy.

Step 5: Assembly of the Trophy

Now you have all the parts of the trophy. Let's assemble it. Place the upper body above the lower body first(2nd image) and also centre align them. Now raise the head (It has to be ungrouped) to a height of 45 mm and centre align both the shapes(hole and paraboloid) with the upper and lower body of the trophy(image 3). Now group all these shapes together and set the colour to whatever you like. I have set it to gold(image 4). Yes finally! you have a trophy. Now take the text ring and place it like how I have placed it in the fifth image. Now you are fully done with the whole trophy. Yay!

Step 6: Air Tweets

You can type anything in your tweets. All I can tell you are 2 things. The angle the tweets are bent is at 45 or -45 degrees (depending on your side of view). Also, the width of the tweet is 25 mm when they are bent. So first you have to bend the air tweets and then set their width. You have to make tweets on every side of the trophy. Now group all the shapes and there it is, a birthday present for your dad!


Step 8: How You Can Help Me.

You can help me by inputting your feedback. After all, it is the most necessary thing for me because it will help me improve and help you make sooo many new things. I would also like to request you to like the instructable and also share it as it helps me out a ton! Thank You, if you already did. Peace out!

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    Rishab Bandhu
    Rishab Bandhu

    2 years ago

    Hey guys I would really request all of you to share your review on my project because I can improve and help you out more. So please comment what you think of this design. Thank You!