Introduction: How to Make a Braid

Today we are going to make a braid.

Let's start!


  • cloth thread

  • scissors

Step 1: Preparation 1

Cut 3 threads of fabric 50 cm each, then tie a knot at one end so that the threads are all together.

Step 2: Preparation 2

Now attach the end of the knot to a place (a lamp, a chair leg ...), it is important that it is well secured.

Step 3: The Braid

Take (in this case the pink or yellow thread, but I will try with the yellow) the thread and pass it over the thread to the squares, now the yellow thread is in the middle, then take the pink thread and pass it the one over the yellow. That's it, take the left thread and it goes to the middle, then the right, and then the left, right, left, right, left ... when you've done enough, make a knot and you're done!