Introduction: How to Make a Brass Christmas Star

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Let's make our own brass Christmas Star for the tree DIY. First, let's
prepare a sand mold with a wooden star. Then we melt some brass on the foundry, we pour it on the mold. We cut excess with the saw. Then we file the star and sand it.

Then we get a shiny, heavy star.

I use a mix of beach sand and clay.

Step 1: Put Sand on the Mold Frame and Smash It

Put green sand on your mold frame and smash it. You have to put layers of 1cm and then smash it.

Step 2: Remove Excess

When you have fill the frame and smash it well. Use a stick to remove sand excess. Use the frame as a guide.

Step 3: Use Talcum Powder

Pour talcum powder on the star figure and on to the sand

Step 4: Place the Star Figure and Hit With a Wooden Stick

Place the star figure and hit with a wooden stick

Step 5: Pour Talcum Powder on the Mold and Figure

Pour talcum powder on the mold and figure

Step 6: Place Top Frame and Smash Sand

Place the top frame. Add 1 cm sand layer and smash and repeat until the frame is full

Step 7: Remove Sand Excess

Remove sand excess with a stick using frame as a guide

Step 8: Remove Top Frame Carefully

Remove top frame carefully

Step 9: Remove Carefully the Star Using a Screw

Remove carefully the star using a screw

Step 10: Use a Tube to Make Two Holes

Use a tube to make two holes. Intake and outtake.

Step 11: Place the Frame Together Again

Place the frame together again

Step 12: Melt Brass

Melt brass

Step 13: Pour Molten Metal on the Mold

Pour molten metal on the mold

Step 14: Let It Cold and Remove the Figure From the Mold

Let it cold and remove the figure from the mold

Step 15: Use a Saw to Remove Intake and Outake Excess

Use a saw to remove intake and outake excess material

Step 16: File Imperfections

File imperfections

Step 17: Sand the Star

Sand the star. Star from 80, 120 and up to 500