Introduction: How to Make a Business Card Holder

Ever wanted a business card holder with class? After looking for something special for some time, I decided to make it myself. I designed the 3D model with Fusion 360 to take about 40 business cards. Then created the tool paths.


A piece of wood 200mm x 160mm x 20mm and a few small magnets to keep the lid closed and a nail approximately 1.5 mm dia for the hinges is all that is needed for the project, of course, your CNC machine should be ready too.

Step 1: First Trial As a Prototype

I decided to make a prototype before using (or destroying) a nice piece of wood.

Once I built the prototype, I could feel and see some design flaws. Back to the drawing board with some mods to make it stronger and easier to assemble. (See the difference in the photo with the two prototypes?)

Step 2: Final Cut

Eventually, when I was happy that the design is right and the prototypes worked, it was time to cut the final piecein the beautiful wood!

Step 3: End Result!!!

I am very pleased with the final product!

Step 4: The Fusion 360 Design