Introduction: How to Make a Candle

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Hey guys in this instructable I Will be showing you how to make a candle, this instructable can apply to both soy and paraffin wax, so this is what you will need:

two pots(stainless steel works best)

soy or paraffin wax

wax scents

metal or glass cups



thermometer (optional)

essential oils

and wax coloring (this is optional but you can use crayons as wax coloring)

Step 1: Melting

ok so first you're going to want to get a pot and fill it halfway with water and set it on the stove to boil, once it starts to boil get a second pot smaller than the first and pour the wax in and set the second pot inside the first pot until the wax has fully melted, this method for melting wax is the safest because you're using the heat from the water to melt the wax instead of directly over the fire, so there is less chance of the wax catching on fire

please be careful when melting the wax because even though the chance of a fire is small, there is still a chance the wax can catch on fire

and if you would like to color your wax you can cut up a crayola crayon because they are mostly made of paraffin wax, just add the desired amount until it is the color you want

Step 2: Pouring the Wax

Once the wax has fully melted, grab your glass or metal cups and slowly pour the wax into it, once you have poured the wax in, get the essential oils and put as many drops as desired into the melted wax then stir, then place the wicks in the middle and secure them with clothespins as shown in the picture, now you can either let them dry in room temperature which will take about 30 min. depending on the amount of wax you used, or you can place the candles into the fridge and just keep checking on them

Step 3: The Second Pour and Done

once the candle has dried it may have decreased in size so a second pour may be necessary, once you have poured more wax into the metal or glass cup, let it dry, once it has dried it's ready to be used whenever you are, or you could make the second pour a different color to make a two tone effect, be careful and have fun, making candles is a really big stress reliever and a fun hobby, feel free to post pictures to show what you made and to encourage others.

we actually had enough wax left over to fill 16 tea candle canisters :)

thanks for reading and watching, if you're interested im selling my bath fizzies, and soy candles, and maybe some other items so stay tuned and if you are interested please email me at

Thanks for reading have fun