How to Make a Cannibalistic Pumpkin




Introduction: How to Make a Cannibalistic Pumpkin

This is just something I did for Halloween this year. I had a relatively good pumpkin, and didn't know what else to do with it. This actually proved to be quite easy, only a few cuts, and the teeth and pupils were very easy to do with a special "4 in 1" knife. This is a fun thing to have on your front porch for Halloween, and is sure to get a laugh out of a lot of people.


-"4 in 1" pumpkin carving knife

-1 Large, round pumpkin

-1 small pumpkin (can be found at most grocery stores)



-Black crayon


-1 toothpick

Step 1: Carving the Top Off and Cleaning

First, cut off the top of the larger pumpkin, and clean out all the stuff inside. (As with most pumpkin carvings) Leave the smaller pumpkin alone for now. *Note-Make sure both pumpkins have very little to no mold on/in them. If they are all moldy, they will rot faster, and not hold their shape as well, and may end up looking like a floppy pumpkin.

Step 2: Tracing Out Templates and Making the First Cuts

First, place the smaller pumpkin on a sheet of printer paper, and trace the entire outline of the pumpkin. The paper should be a tiny bit wider than the diameter of the pumpkin. Now cut out the circle you traced and place it on the larger pumpkin in about the middle of any face, and trace the circle using the black crayon. Now using the carving tool, cut out this circle. Then extend the circle a bit into a mouth shape. (just consult the pictures) What you are cutting out is not the final size of the mouth (teeth included), but the inside of the teeth. Once this is finished, you can place the smaller pumpkin inside the circle you cut out just to make sure it fits. It is ok if the hole is a bit too wide, but just make sure that it is not too small.

Step 3: Scraping Out the Teeth

Now we will give our pumpkin some teeth, using the scraping end of the 4-in-1 carving knife. First, draw some lines that follow the shape of the mouth, but about 1 inch farther out. Mainly consult my pictures for the shape of the lines, but you can use some creativity here. If you want your pumpkins lips to be a bit more complicated or fancy, you can do that. Once you have the lines drawn out, scrape away the skin of the pumpkin inside of the lines. Make sure not to scrape too deep, but make sure to get rid of all the skin. Now using the cutting part of the knife, cut vertical lines in the scraped away teeth where any of the natural pumpkin lines appear. This is to separate each of the teeth. If your pumpkin's lines are a bit farther apart, you may want to make vertical cuts every half of a line. Now at the edge between separate teeth, scrape away a small part to chisel the edge to give the teeth more depth and more definition. Again, you have a lot of freedom on how you want your teeth to look, but I went for the more simple approach.

Step 4: Cutting the Eyes

Now you can draw out the eyes with your black crayon. As I have said many times, you have lots of freedom on how you want your eyes to be shaped, but I liked the teardrop shape eyes. For the pupils, leave a section of the pumpkin going into the hole for the eye, and use the scraping tool to scrape away the pumpkin skin on the eyes to make them different from the rest of the pumpkin.

Step 5: Done!

Now you can make a scared face on the smaller pumpkin, and use the toothpick to pin it into place in the larger pumpkin's mouth. Now all you have to do is put it out front on your porch, an put a candle in it to complete this cannibalistic pumpkin! Happy Halloween to you all!


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    6 years ago on Step 5

    That's so cool. I have seen Master Pumpkin carvers display similar pieces and charge a good penny for it. Finally, a fresh approach to an classic.