Introduction: How to Make a Cardboard Boat With a Valhalla Theme - Jace Buxbaum

This is a step-by-step of how to make an amazing cardboard boat!

Step 1: How to Get Your Cardboard

I went to the local Dixieline and asked if I could have some of their cardboard for my boat project. They said that their was some in the back and that I could have it.

Step 2: Transport

It was just a little hard.

Step 3: Supplies/Documentation of Materials Used- What Specific Materials Were Used in Your Project and Where Each Material Was Used?

To get all of the things that I needed for the cardboard boat, I bought what was needed on Amazon or from what I already had around the house.

Materials list: Paintbrush(varnish, painting), Plastic Cover(under boat), Tape Measure(measuring cardboard), Sponge Brushes(varnish, gluing), Duct Tape(bottom of boat, seams, holding cardboard pieces together), Drylock Waterproof Latex Paint(on the inside and outside of boat), Gorilla Glue(in between cardboard), Water Activated Waterproof Tape(seams), Newspaper(On the bottom of the boat), Varnish(Under and on top of newspaper, and on Valhalla newspaper), Valhalla Newspaper(On top of varnished newspaper), Gorilla Tape(Around the boat, on the border between the boat and varnish).

Step 4: Experimental Design- Why Did You Choose Each of the Materials Used for Your Project?

I used a paintbrush to be able to spread the varnish and the paint in the spots that I needed. I used the plastic cover underneath my boat because when it is drying, or when I was gluing, I didn't want to get the glue, paint, or varnish on the ground or carpet. I used the tape measure to make sure that I had the right measurements before I cut. I used the sponge brush for varnishing and gluing, because it was easy to spread. I used the duct tape to close the seams and the gorilla tape to keep the varnish and newspaper on the boat. I used the newspaper with the varnish, because after they dry with several layers, it will feel harder and harder.

Step 5: Getting Your Boat to Look Like a Boat

To get the boat to look like a boat, I had to do some cutting. First, I drew where the cuts would be. The sheet of cardboard that I started out with was about 4.5 feet wide and 11 feet long. Then, I used a partial cut (with a box cutter or scissors) about 10.5 inches from the end of the cardboard, creating a flap that can go up. This is used as the back of the boat. I then cut off about 10.5 inches of cardboard on each side of the partial cut. Then, I cut 3.5 inches off both sides of the boats width. You will then make a partial cut about 9 inches away from both of the sides of the cardboard (width side). You will then fold those up to make the sides of your boat. Then, about 3 inches by 9 inches both sides, cut in a triangular shape, out of the cardboard on either side. Then, on the walls, cut a slight curve, and bend the walls to the triangular shape. Duct tape this together, and you have your boat shape.

Step 6: Reinforcing It

You will first need to measure the lengths of your boat. After doing this, all you need to do is cut out the cardboard, use the sponge brushes with a mixture of water and wood glue (eyeball it), then apply it to the cardboard. Place it where it is going, then put heavy objects on it to keep it down. I found that by putting duct tape on the top and the bottom of that piece in several spots, it will hold until you can put weights down on it.

I used a center beam to keep my boat stable. It has cardboard pieces folded down inside of it. Any size works, but I recommend that it is connected to the front and middle.

After all of this is done, you should go over all of the seams with the water activated waterproof tape. When applying the water, make one quick swipe with the sponge brush. If you go over it multiple times, the tape will become less sticky.

Step 7: Making It Waterproof - Step 1 - Duct Taping

I used duct tape on the bottom of the boat. I did it on the entire bottom of the boat, and halfway up the side of the boat's sides.

Step 8: Making It Waterproof - Step 2 - Painting

For the paint, I used Drylock Waterproof Latex Paint. I coated the inside and the outside. After I finished and let each side dry, the texture of the boat is close to a rough wooden plank.

Step 9: Making It Waterproof - Step 3 - Varnishing

First, I put varnish on the duct tape with a foam brush, then, I laid newspaper on top. When I did this, I made sure that the newspaper laid over in several spots so water cannot get into the cardboard. After I let this dry, and on the next day, I repeated the process with some Valhalla posters.

Step 10: Gluing on the Top

For the triangular top compartment, I used wood glue on it. I used weights to keep it pushed down until it dried, with counter weights on the other side so the boat didn't fall off of the table.

Step 11: Adding Some Norsemen Flair

I put Valhalla posters on my boat. I did this by laying them on top of the varnished newspaper, two days after I varnished the newspaper. I then added the name of my boat, "Hammer of Thor," on the back of the boat (doubles as a license plate). After that, I used one of my mom's old, orange towels, and wrote Orange Nation on it (one of my school's sayings). On the other sides of my boat, I included other sayings from my school, such as, "Orange Nation," "Vibrant Orange and Sparkling White," "Home of the Norsemen," and "Hail the Norsemen of Valhalla."

Step 12: Video of the Boat in Action

My boat got the fastest time of my class, with a 1 minute and 8 seconds. (sorry about the people talking in the background, had a friend recording for me). (Also sorry that you have to download the video, couldn't figure out how to get it on the slide without doing it that way).

My teacher even had a race in my boat against another teacher. I didn't record it because I didn't want her to sink my boat. My boat won again, and I would suggest that if anyone reading this decides to make this boat, when paddling, don't go to hard, or your boat will take on water.

The end, enjoy!

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