How to Make a Circle Skirt Pattern With Ease




Introduction: How to Make a Circle Skirt Pattern With Ease

In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to make a simple circle skirt pattern that is custom fit to the measurements you choose. Circle skirts are a basic piece in someone wardrobe that can go with any thing so it's a must have piece.

Before I get started these are the things you'll need to make this pattern: (not all that is in picture is needed)

  1. Big paper (I always use wrapping paper for my patterns but any paper will do)
  2. Something to write with
  3. Measuring tape or ruler
  4. Scissor
  5. A calculator

Step 1: Doing the Math and Starting at the Top!

So first you need this simple formula.


That would be radius equals waist circumference divided by 6.28.

  • I used 22 as my waist measurement because i was making a little girls skirt. So my radius ended up equaling 3.5.
  • So pick a starting point on you paper and from that point make lines that make a 90 degree angle in the length of your radius.
  • From those lines make little dots that are the radius measurement away from the starting point.
  • Connect the dots!

Step 2: Making It Long!

Now lets get started on the bottom!

  • From the starting point measure how long you want your skirt
  • Make more dots from the starting from the same point measuring the same amount
  • Connect the dots!
  • Add half an in of seam allowance (IF YOU WANT TO SEW IT UP THE SIDE ADD SEAM ALLOWANCE THERE TOO)

There you have it all you have to do now is cut it out and get sewing!

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    5 years ago

    Sorry I am a tad confused ...

    Is this pattern for one quarter of the circle skirt or for the entire skirt?



    Reply 5 years ago

    When you cut the pattern the fabric should be folded so when you open it you have a full circle. Hope that helped with your confusion.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks :)
    I noly just now got your reply.

    Sorry for the late acknowledgement :)

    Thanks again for your answer :)
    And yes it does help :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks Abby it does help.

    Ok so fold twice so as to make quarter and then cut on the fold so when you open it up it becomes a full circle. Cool :)

    Thanks again :)