Introduction: How to Make a Clay Youtuber Doll

In this I will teach you how to make a youtuber doll out of clay.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Black clay
Tan clay
White clay
Red clay
Pink clay
Blue clay
And brown clay

We will be making Markiplier (but with this you can make anyone you want using the same steps)

Step 2: Step 2: Feet and Legs

Make 2 brown rectangular cubes for the feet and round the front.
Then take the blue clay and roll it into 2 cylinder shapes and place it on the top back for the legs.
The connect them with blue clay.
You have made Markiplier's legs and feet.

Step 3: Shirt and Arms

Take the black clay and make a square shaped piece for the shirt.
Flatten it enough to be about the same width of the legs.
Take more black clay and make 2 triangles for the sleeves.
Then take some tan and make the same shape as the legs for the arms.
Put them on the bottom of the sleeves.
Then make a red M and put it on the front of the shirt.

Step 4: Head

Make a tan ball for the actual head.
then take a flat black circle and place it on top for the hair.
Next take a piece of pink and roll it into a long roll.
Then shape it into a mustache and place it in the middle of his face.
Finally for the eyes make 2 small black circles for the eyes.
Place them between the mustache and the hair.

Step 5: Assembly

Take the shirt and the legs and put the shirt on top of the legs.
Then put the head on top of the shirt.
And know you have Markiplier! (But you can use this to make other people.)