Introduction: How to Make a Cold Smoker


I have various options for hot smoking food, from bbq'ing with soaked wood chips to a dedicated smoker which has a water bath and I can keep operating for about 12 hours. They all cook the meat in the end, which is good for pork and beef, but not really an option for salamis, cheese and fish.

My first attempts at cold smoking was to divert the smoke from the bbq via a pipe into another portable bbq. It sort of worked but needed tending to keep the smoke flowing.

The aim of this smoke generator is to:

  • be relatively safe;
  • support smoking duration > 12 hours;
  • and be controllable.

I have based it on an obsolete gas canister, I did a search to see what came up and alta gas seem to be inexpensive, and look to be out of business.

I have decided to break the instructions into a number of key parts which might just be useful components on their own. The vent is inspired by a well know bbq manufacturer, the rest is made up as I went along.

Part 1 - Vent

Part 2 - Door

Part 3 - Pump

Step 1: The End Result

This video shows the smoker during an initial test run.