How to Make a Colourful Mini Model



Introduction: How to Make a Colourful Mini Model

Hello and today I am going to show you how to make a mini model of a landscape. I am planning on entering this into the painting contest. please vote for me and wish me luck.

Step 1: Needed Materials


#1 scissors

#2 a sharpened piece of wood (for painting)

#3 an Exacto knife


#1 green paint

#2 a piece of foam

#3 a piece of soap

#4 a bit of hand lotion

#5 two markers (they might not work after)

#6 a doorknob cover or something to create a stand for the model

#7 a sliver of wood

Step 2: Let's Get Started

First, we need to cut the foam to size. Trace the shape of your stand onto the foam, then cut the foam to shape.

Step 3: Add Trees

To create trees first cut a piece of foam into a sphere and cut a sliver of wood for a trunk. fit the trunk into the sphere by creating a small slit in the foam.

Step 4: Painting It

First, off we need to paint the grass and leaves green. Take a dollop of green paint and massage it into the foam pieces. Once that is dry add and flowers or designs you deem necessary.

Step 5: Completing the Landscape

Time to put it all together. first, put the grass back into it's stand. Cut a slit in the middle of the grass and insert the tree. Stand back and admire.

Step 6: Making a Little Human

To make the small human first take the sliver of soap, and dice it into tiny pieces, the smaller the better. Then take the small dollop of hand lotion. Mix these two together. Knead these two ingredients together until you have one mass that acts like clay. Please keep in mind that this putty dries out the more you touch it and if it turns crumbly just add more lotion.

Then separate the mixture into three groups, one for the hands and head, one for the shirt, and one for the pants. Colour each of the groups with any colour you deem appropriate with your markers. I coloured mine white, blue, and orange.

Take the groups for the shirt and pants then roll them into one log, cut to size then flatten the log slightly. After that take your wooden stick and separate the bottom half into two.

After you have finished making the clothes, take the last piece of putty. Tear off a small piece for the head and roll it into a ball. Add hair, eyes, etc... take the rest and roll it into a thin log until you get an appropriate thickness for the arms of the person then cut it to size.

To put this all together flip over the clothes and press the arms into the clothes. Flip it over carefully. Keep in mind that broken pieces are very hard to reattach. Carefully using the sharp point of your stick attach the head by scraping the very bottom of the head to the torso.

Step 7: The Last Step!!!!

The last step is to simply add the person to the landscape and done, you have made a mini model.

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3 years ago

This is soooo cool! Grand on a tiny scale.

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

3 years ago

I love tiny things! This is adorable :)


3 years ago

Eee! it's so tiny and cute!


Reply 3 years ago

thank you