How to Make a Corsage or Boutenier

Introduction: How to Make a Corsage or Boutenier

I found that there are few good resources for making a boutonniere or corsage, and wanted to make mine for prom. So, here's a quick tutorial on how to make a great flower arrangement for you and your date. Styles I can think of so many different designs, so let me outline the ones I make the most.

Symmetrical-short: small and balanced, with one main flower arrangement.

Asymmetrical balanced: asymmetrical with one to two main features

Center focused balanced: taller, with focus on a longer flower, like a lily.

For example, the pink asymmetrical arrangement is what I made for me and my date, and I am so proud of it.

Step 1: ​Sourcing

Pick your flowers that have been well watered and in the morning. This is when the flowers will have the maximum water concentration in them to make them last. Always cut conservatively, leaving extra stem to work with. I'd leave 2-4 inches on average.

You're going to want typically:

Primary display flowers: a pretty flower of decent size

Asymmetrical focus: leaves, budded flowers, stem, or less prominent flower.

Secondary flowers: small flowers

Dazzle flowers/leaves:tiny flowers, small buds, interesting leaves that help capture the eye and direct to main arrangement.

Step 2: ​Arrange

Hold together all the stem of your desired arrangement, and wrap with string, tape, plastic,or best yet green garden tape. wrap tightly. Begin at the top and work down. Once finished, tie off and trim the protruding stems of flowers on the bottom.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Attach this flower arrangement to a pin onto your tux, give it as a small gift, or strap to a ribbon/bracelet or corsage! Keep in the fridge until use is needed, and know home picked flowers tend to only last one or two days. Good luck, have fun prom events, and enjoy! I sure made this useful and impressive, so can you!

pink asymmetrical flowers picture is my arrangement for me and my date

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