How to Make a Cubes and Pegs Puzzle Out of Scrap Recycled Wood




Introduction: How to Make a Cubes and Pegs Puzzle Out of Scrap Recycled Wood

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A new day, a new puzzle. This is another puzzle I made out of some material i had laying around. Its a different design than the burr and rope cube puzzle designs. I actually found this one online and thought it would be relatively easy to make until i figure out how to rig up a set up for making true burr puzzles.

Step 1: Materials

Saw and Drill

3/8 Drill Bit

Rubber mallet (optional)

3/8 Dowel 1 and a half foot long

3.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 Wooden Block


Step 2: Measurements

There are eight pieces total. Each piece is a 1.5 cube with a total of three holes cut into each. Four of the pieces have two pegs put into them with one hole, the other four have one peg and two holes. Each peg is 1.25. The holes cut are .5 by .5 from the side (the paper square is .5 by .5 and the corner is where the cut is marked.)

Step 3: Putting It Together

The design i made is a little bit different than the original puzzle as you can see. I posted the pictures in a format where each peg is pointed directly at the hole it corresponds too so you will be able to see how it is made and solved. Hope you enjoy making and doing these puzzles! c=

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    5 years ago

    Well done ... I like the finish on pg 3.

    One question though: when the cubes are 1.5 and the dowels are 1.25 and they need to be sunk into the cubes by a cretain length, how can their other ends be visible on the other side of the cubes they're penetrating as shown in pg 3? Are these glued in "dummies" closing the "female" sides on the far ends?


    Reply 5 years ago

    The first three pictures on the third step are the original puzzle design, not the one I created. The last three pictures are the one I made. With my design I figured it would be easier to make if I didn't have to cut all the way through and still easy to glue. Therefore you only need to cut halfway into the cube and save on material. (dowel length)