Introduction: How to Make a Cup Saucer

Have you ever just been plain out bored one day?? Well I have one thing that you can make for that one time you are bored, And it is called a Cup Saucer, you can make this awesome little toy with small amounts of materials that you can find around your house and that will cost you less than $5.00.


  • 2 Plastic Red Solo Cups
  • 1 Roll of Standard Sized Masking Tape
  • 5 Medium Sized Stretchy Rubber Bands
  • Scissors (Optional to Cut Tape)

Step 1: Building Your Saucer

Step One: For your first step you will need your tape, and cups. First thing that you want to do is tape both of your cups and put them together to where the bottoms are touching and even. Next you will need your tape and break off a piece that is long enough to wrap around the circumference of the cups and attach them. Try to make this as even and neat as possible. Also feel free to personalize you cup and make it yours!

Step Two: For this step you will need your 5 rubber bands. First you will start by grabbing 2 rubber bands and interlock them by taking one band and looping it through the other one and pulling tightly so secure the loop. Do this with the rest of the bands and link them all together to make a 5 long chain of rubber bands. Also for this step, try to to use the stretchiest rubber bands you can find (Will make your saucer fly better)

Step 2: Making It Fly

Now that you have all of your parts it is time to take flight!! Also please refer to the video above if you are having any trouble making your Saucer fly.

Step 1: First you want to find an open space that has plenty of room like a hallway.

Step 2: You will need your cups and your rubber bands. First thing you want to do is hold the cups horizontally by placing your fingers around the tape. Next you want to take your rubber band chain and wrap it around the tape in a forward motion, when you are wrapping the band around the cup try to stretch the band out as much as you can as you are wrapping the cup. The longer the band is when it is wrapped around the cup the better your cup saucer will fly.

Step 3: Once you have your rubber band wrapped around the cups, hold the cup away from your body to where the rubber band is out in front of the cup, once you are ready, take aim and watch the cup fly!!

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