How to Make a DIY Alarm Clock With LCD Keypad Shield

Introduction: How to Make a DIY Alarm Clock With LCD Keypad Shield

Hi everyone! In this instructable, I'm gonna show you how to make an Alarm Clock using Arduino Board. I've used Arduino UNO, LCD keypad Shield, 5V Buzzer and Jumper Wires to build this clock. You can see the time on the display and able to set time and alarm. The buzzer rings the alarm when the current time equals to preset alarm time. You can also able to turn off the alarm and use this as a normal clock. Not only them but also you can set the alarm ringing time. When the alarm rings, you'll certainly wake up because it sure makes me. All right, let's move to the part list which we need to build this.


*Arduino UNO or MEGA - Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA*

*Arduino Keypad Shield - Keypad Shield*

*Buzzer - Buzzer*

*Jumper wires Female to Female*

Step 1: Item List

  • Arduino UNO
  • 16x2 Character LCD Keypad Shield
  • 5V Buzzer
  • Jumper Wire Kit

Step 2: Wiring

For The Wiring please follow the Wiring Diagram

  • Place the Keypad shield on Arduino
  • connect A1 - Buzzer Signal
  • connect GND - buzzer GND

That's All the wiring you need to do

Step 3: Code

The code is pretty self-explanatory

The Code is through this link: Code

Default time for alarm is 8:30AM(change line 139 to the time of ringing and 35 and 36 1 min after your time )
press RST button on keypad if you want ringing to stop

UP = Minutes + 1 (Current Time)

DOWN = hours + 1 (Current Time)

Step 4: Testing

!@Your Set-up now should look like this.

After uploading the code,the LCD will show the wrong time. It means you need to set the time. The default time for when turned on is 8:30AM .You can use UP(Minutes + 1), and DOWN(hours +1)to set the time in 24hr format. If you Reset it or it loses power you will need to set it again so BE CAREFUL!!!

Step 5: DONE!!!

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