How to Make a Disco Grill

Introduction: How to Make a Disco Grill

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I was reading a suspense thriller that mentioned the word discada. Context clues suggested it was related to Texas BBQ and my curious nature took over.

After some google search magic I learned what a discada is.

A discada has many names: cowboy wok, disco, and cultivator disk grill.

But all it is is a discarded cultivator disk with handles welded on and the center attachment hole plugged.

Step 1: Instructions

To make my homemade cowboy wok I went to the local Co-Op and bought the largest cultivator disk they had and then fashioned a plug out of a piece of scrap.

I then welded the plug in the hole and tacked two horseshoes for handles.

After sanding out the paint and welding slag

I finished my cowboy wok by putting it on a LP Burner and seasoned the disco just as you would a cast iron skillet.

I really love mine and use it when I am out on the land. It works best for fajitas, but anything that you can cook on a griddle, wok, or skillet will cook well on a disco.

I anytime I bring it out to a cook out everyone thinks it is awesome. I keep hoping I can find a 36 inch disk.

If you don't want to make one, or you can't weld (or have a friend who welds you can also buy them on Amazon and other places on the internet.

Step 2: Video

I hope this video helps explain it.

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