Introduction: How to Make a Double Single Bracelet

Hi today I will teach u how to make a double signal Braclet I invented and the profile pic is wrong sorry

Step 1: Things You Need!!!

For this u need:
1) Loom Borad
2) Hook
3) Rubber Bands
4) S or C or A clip
?? All right lets get started

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Now as u see on the corner two lines u need to place bands on bothe sides keep going till u reach the top!!!!
Optional Advice: I recommend using my type of colour scheme like same colour for sides and a different colour for triangles!!!!! ( You will know about the triangles ahead )

Step 3: The Triangles

Now u flip the loom and the arrows should be pointing at u when u flip it!!!!!

Step 4: Looping the Right Side

This might be tricky so pay attention on the pictures and the final piece of what it should look like after looping is given.

Step 5: Looping the Left Side

It is just like the last step but be careful!!!!!

Step 6: Cutting the Triangle

Please this is tricky so cut the one the hand is touching!!!! And after cutting it should look like the other picture.

Step 7: Slip Not

Pull the bands back and then add another band and tie it!!!!

Step 8: Take It Off

Done!!!! And add a extension if u want!!!!

Step 9: