Introduction: How to Make a Easy Tassel

Follow instructions carefully.

Step 1:

Grab a ball of wool, colour of your choice, a book and scissors.

be careful not to cut yourself with the scissors.

Step 2:

First find the end of the ball of wool and place across book with the end of the wool on the open side (not the spin) of the book.

Step 3:

Hold the end of the wool in place and wrap the wool around the book 20-30 times, make sure to do it gently so you don't break or damage the book. Once your done, make sure the wool ends on the open side of the book.

Step 4:

Cut the ball separate from the wool around the book and cut a piece from the ball 20-30cm long. Place it under the string wrapped around the book and move it to the spine of the book, double knot or triple knot the piece of string. (no bows while tying).

Step 5:

Cut the wool around the book 1-3cm from the open side of the book then remove the book from the picture and group together the wool (it'll resemble an octopus) making sure you leave the string you tied in step four separate from the group so you have something to hang up your tassel with.

Step 6:

Once your wool is grouped together you will need to tie a piece of wool 1-2cm from the top (string tied in step four).

Step 7:

now you will see that half your wool with e longer than the other half, give the tassel a haircut so it's all the same length.

Step 8:

Enjoy your tassel!