How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Introduction: How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Thin or thick, colorful or just one color, with simple or complicated patterns, friendship bracelets are unique, like friendship.


  1. Embroidery thread (you can also use wool, but it is more difficult, because the wool thread does not slide easily).
  2. Scissors.
  3. Something to hold (a pin for example).
  4. Somewhere to attach the pin (if that's it).

Step 1: Preparacion

Cut the threads as you want (at least two), I will use four. To start, I suggest you use different colored threads, so reduce the chance of changing the threads.

Join all the threads already cut, and tie a knot at one end.

With the help of the pin, secure the knot in the place previously chosen to secure it.

Now organize the order of the threads of your choice (the order of the threads is important, the pattern depends on it).

Step 2: The Knot

Take the first thread (in this case the orange) and pass it over the next thread (in this case the green) then pass the orange thread under the green, and then over him himself (as shown in the image).

After pull towards the direction of the pin.

Repeat this step one more time.

Step 3: The Knot 2

Now, as you can see, the orange thread is in the middle.

Do the previous step, but now instead of using green use yellow, (attention: do it twice as in the previous one).

And now the orange has gone to the last place, now use the green instead of the orange.

When you finish making the knots with green it will end up being last, but yellow first, so repeat the knots but with yellow, and then yellow will be last, and orange first, then repeat everything.

Step 4: Result

After doing a few steps it looks like this (see image).

Make it until you have the size you want.

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