Introduction: How to Make a Glass Bottle Car

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  1. 1 Barbecue stick
  2. 5 Caps
  3. 1 Glass bottle
  4. 1 Plastic straw

Step 1: Cutting

For cutting the straws and the barbecue sticks, make two pieces of the straws one inch long, and two pieces of the barbecue sticks four centimeters long.

Step 2: The Glass Bottle

For the glass bottle, just take it and fill it with water. Then, hot glue a cap on. Onto the next step!

Step 3: The Wheels

For the wheels, Get one of the barbecue stick pieces and glue it onto a cap. Then, slide the straw on. NOTE: Do NOT hot glue the straws. Then, glue another cap onto the other side of the barbecue stick. Do the exact same thing with the other pieces.

Step 4: Gluing to the Body

For this step, glue the wheels to the body.

Step 5: Done!

You're done! Make sure not to let your kid use it! Thanks for reading, please vote for me!

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