Introduction: How to Make a Great Friendship Bracelet

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OK, to make this bracelet you'll need:

1. Four strands of yarn, whatever colors you want,

2. A clipboard or something heavy.

3. A comfortable place to work.

Not much is it? This bracelet is simple, and pretty. The only thing you need to worry about is if your bracelet will be long enough to fit the person you're making it for. I've found that the best way to measure it is to cut the yarn a little bit longer than from the persons fingertips to their elbow.

I think the best way to pick your colors, (At least if you're a beginner in making bracelets) is to pick all different. Otherwise you might confuse one strand with another and mess up. (Trust me, I do it all the time.)

Step 1: Step One, Knotting

So, once you have all your yarn cut, pick up the ends of each piece. Tie it, look at the pictures above for reference.

Step 2: Step Two, the Bracelet

Ok, for the bracelet. Put the top (The part with the knot) under something heavy, or use your clipboard.

Now, separate the strands. Start with strand one, the farthest to the left, loop it over, then under string two, second farthest to the left. Hold strand two tight, and pull the knot snug. Repeat with the same strands.

Now take strand two and knot it twice around strand three. Then knot strand three around strand four, and keep going. once you have done them all go back to strand one and repeat the whole process. do that until you have about three inches left of yarn. Just tie whats left the same way you tied it at the start, and voila! There's your bracelet.