How to Make a Hair Accessory With Coffee Pods



Introduction: How to Make a Hair Accessory With Coffee Pods

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We all like shiny things in our hair, so we wanted to make a little accessory with the aluminum coffee pods.

Materials used to make this hairclip are: Nespresso coffee pod (in this case Rosabaya de Colombia), round nosed pliers, scissors and a flower hairclip (others can be used as well).

Step 1: Watch the Tutorial

If you want to lean how to turn regularly with the round nosed plier, check out the video.

Step 2: Cut Your Coffee Pod

Measure 1.5 cm from the top of the capsules. Than cut the top off. Make sure you remove all sharp edges.

Step 3: Fold Using Round Nosed Pliers

Take your round nosed pliers and turn right. Try to keep the same distance between the turns. Hereafter slowly fold inwards until your coffee pod is flat.

Step 4: Fold the Bord

Now turn around and position your plier just next to the crease. Turn your plier to the right again. Turn around and try to fold a bit more so your coffee pod gets smaller.

Step 5: Add a Hairclip of Choice

Your coffee pod piece is done. Take a hairclip of your choice and add your prepared coffee pod to it. Now your hairclip is done. We hope you like the Instructable.

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