How to Make a Headphones Stand




Introduction: How to Make a Headphones Stand

If you want to make a headphone stand like this one you'll need:

-A piece of Cold roll (About 20 cm)

-A piece of plain metal (About 5 cm x 20 cm)

-Thick wire

Step 1: The Supplies

Step 2: The Base

Firts let's find the center of our cold roll bar and make two holes at the same distance, then with the wire let's make an "U" shape for the base support.

Step 3: The Headphones Support

You'll need to solder this you can have help from a magnetic arrow like the one I use so it stays straight, after that you can file the solder so it look cleaner and much more professional

Step 4: The Holes for the Support

Like in the step behind you must find the center and make some holes for the wire that supoprts the headphones

Step 5: The Support

For making the suport you're going to make another "U" shape like this one, the part that looks going up is for the headphones not to fall off the base

Step 6: It Should Look Like This by Now

Step 7: Let's Paint Everything

Step 8: Let's Grab Our Headphones and Set Them on the Stand. Done!

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    4 years ago

    Cool idea man I need one of these haha