Introduction: How to Make a Home Decor Box Holder

A unique Home Decor Box Holder is the perfect container to have in your house or at your job to hold anything big or small. Also this allows you to be creative adding in your own designs to show a little twist to your own box. Anyone who is interested in making a home decor box holder can have the experience of designing it with your spouse or even with your children.
Time: Estimated around 1 hour and 50 min or 2 hours

Caution: You will be using a hot glue gun, scissors, and a stapler

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Tools

For this project, you will need a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, a shipping box, rope twine, stapler, and old or new fabric.
* Caution: Be careful handling the hot glue gun. It can burn you and also it can be messy.

Note: You can use any size of box to make this holder. I used a old sheet for my choice of fabric, but you can choose anything.

Step 2: Measuring the Box

Measure the box length, width, and height to have an accurate estimate of how much fabric you will need.

Note: If you don't have a ruler to use. You can use measuring app to help you get accurate measurements. Also your measurements may differ due to different size boxes but its not a problem.

^^ If you are successful in measuring your box you should have a length of 15 in, a width of 12 in , and height of 3 in.


Step 3: Wrapping the Rope Twine Around the Box

First, get a strand of rope glue it down to whichever side you want to start. Second, continue to wrap the rope twine around while gluing it down until you meet back up to the original rope. Third, continue the step until you get to the middle of the box and the right amount of rope needed to cover the box.
*Caution: Be careful handling the glue gun it can burn you.

Note: Wrap around about 6 strands of rope twine. It may vary in strands due to different sizes of box of your choice.

^^ If successfully completing step 3 your product should have 6 strands of rope twine around each sides of box.

Step 4: Placing the Fabric Into the Box

Place the fabric inside the box and then make sure to fix the fabric so it can have flat center without any bunch up areas.

Note: Make sure the fabric is flat in the center of the box.

Note: I initially cut my fabric from a old sheet, but it doesn't matter if your fabric is longer than your box. Just make sure to have enough so you won’t have any empty sides of the box.

Step 5: Stapling the Four Corners Inside the Box

Now inside the box staple the four corners to keep the fabric secure. Use a little force to make sure staple went through the fabric.

*Caution: Be careful when using the stapler you can easily staple yourself.

Note: Staple the corners inside of the box because it keeps the fabric from bunching up during the gluing process.

Step 6: Starting the Process of Gluing Down the Fabric

Now get your glue gun ready to glue the four insides and outsides of box. Lift the fabric up from the sides. Place a line a glue on the box insides. Then press the the fabric to glue to make sure it is secure. Do the same thing to the outsides of the box.

^^ If successfully completing steps 4, 5, and 6 your product should have a flat center inside, staples on all of the four corners inside the box, and glue down sides to keep the fabric in place.

Step 7: Cutting Off Extra Fabric

After gluing the outsides and insides of fabric. Cut off the extra fabric so you can see the ropes. Make sure not to cut off to much because if you do you will see the box.

* Caution: Be careful handling the scissor you can easily cut yourself.

Note: You will need to cut enough fabric so you could see the ropes.

Step 8: Stapling the Extra Fabric From the Outside Corners

After cutting the extra fabric from step 7. You may have some fabric left over on the corners. Now hold the fabric to the side and get the stapler ready to staple the side so it can have a clean look to it. Repeat this step to the other corners.
Note: You may want to use a stapler instead gluing the fabric because it's not the best solution of the getting the fabric in place. Also use a lot of force when stapling the fabric to the box.

^^ If successfully completing step 8 your product should have all of the four outside corners staple without any fabric hanging out.

Step 9: Conclusion

Now that you have made this home decor box holder the final product should have the following. 6 strands of rope twine wrap around the box. Fabric flatten inside the box without any bunch up areas anywhere. All four sides of the box with equal amount fabric used properly. Now you can use it anywhere in the house and even use it at your job as place holder for your office supplies.