How to Make a Husky Puppy Drawing

Introduction: How to Make a Husky Puppy Drawing

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This is how to make a husky puppy laying down drawing.

Step 1: Step One: Guide Lines

You need the basic circles to begin.

Step 2: Step Two: Draw the Ears and a Little of the Fur

You are going to do the outlines of the husky fur and the ears.

Step 3: Step Three: Write the Fur As Light Strokes and Do the Collar If You Want One.

Make light lines and put them in one direction.

Step 4: Step Four: Put a Bit Darker Lines With Your Black Colored Pencil and Draw on the Fur You Made.

Do what the step told you to do.

Step 5: Step Five: Color the Eyes. Pick Any Color You Want.

Do what the title said to do.

Step 6: Now You Are Done! Good Job!

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    2 years ago

    Sorry I didn't do pics for the last ones.. I hope you guys still found the instructions helpful.