Introduction: How to Make a KFC Lamp?

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Hi everyone! Today I show my KFC Lamp! It was my old lamp on the base, I
just put the old lamp shade in the bin and I paint in red the base. I replaced the old lamp shade by a KFC Bucket. The result is incredible, I think!

I make a video for you to create it and this Instructable.

You will need:

-KFC Bucket

-An old lamp base

-Light Bulb



-Solder Bar (or slim iron bar)


-Red Spray (paint)

- Orange oil painting (or an other color of your choice)

Step 1: The Lamp Base

You will need to unscrew all for painting the lamp base with the red spray, the color of the bucket.

Step 2: The KFC Bucket

You will need th cut the base of the bucket because it will be the lamp shade. We need to cut this to let the light outside.

Step 3: The Framework of the Lamp Shade

Because I put my old lamp shade in the bin (and incidentally the framework), I need to create a new one!

It's the hardest part of the project. You will need solder bars to create it. Here the solder bars will be the framework. Look at the picture with measures and weld.

When it's finish you are ready to paint it! First "paint" with a primer and then with the same color that the lamp base, with the red spray.

Step 4: The Lamp Shade

All you have to do now, it's to fot together the bucket and the framework!

Here it is the new lamp shade!

Step 5: The Final Touch

Now we gonna to make the final touch! Before starting, stew back again the base.

Here it's at you to make everything you want!

Personaly, I write some word in the base with an orange oil paint, the words same that the bucket.

Step 6: Final Result

Now put the new lamp shade on the lamp base, place the light bulb, connect the lamp and look at the result!

Wow! It's incredible! You want to make it now, no?

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