How to Make a LAMP With Scraps

Introduction: How to Make a LAMP With Scraps

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Here is the Full video on YouTube, it is in spanish but I will try my best to make this instructable easy to understand for you!

You will only need...

-Small piece of wood/plywood

-1/2 in dowel

-Lamp socket


With tools:



-Tiny hand plane

-Hand Saw

Step 1: Cut the Dowel

Cut the dowel about at 9 inches, and make a mark 2in from one of the sides. (Pic 2)

This pencil mark will act as a stop for the plane.

In the other end of the dowel mark a small circle and this will be annother mark for the plane. (Pic 3)

Step 2: Plane

Plane untill you reach the small circle BUT WITHOUT CROSSING THE FIRST REFERENCE LINE

Step 3: Sand & Cut Again

Sand with 80grid and then 125 to soften the marks of the plane and make it round again.

Cut it with a 20° angle on the top of the dowel, to make the legs spread a little, 25° will be fine too.

YOU DONT NEED A TABLE SAW for this, but it will be more accurate for sure...

Step 4: Cut a Circle and Divide It by 3

Cut a 2in circle from the scrap wood of plywood (Plywood worked better for me...)

Drill a few holes for the screws that will hold the legs in place.

Step 5: Assemble

Then you just need to assemble the circle with the 3 legs using screws and glue if you want to

Step 6: Stain and Socket

After some stain (Optional) add the socket and make the electrical connection inside.

Step 7: Finish!

Add some clear finish, in my case I use some wax.

And then you are done!

I really think that almost anyone can make a project like this, you only need a few hand tools and it is fun!

Looks great in the end too!

I hope you enjoyed my instructable and my youtube video!


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