Introduction: How to Make a Lava Lamp

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This instructable explains how to make a lava lamp based on a chemical reaction.

Step 1: Material

The material to make this experiment is the following :
- Vegetable oil
- Vinegar
- Glass jar
- Light
- Plastic cup
- Food coloring
- Sodium bicarbonate

Step 2: Sodium Bicarbonate

Fill 1/20 of the empty jar with soduim bicarbonate

Step 3: Vegetable Oil

Fill the jar containing sodium bicarbonate almost to the top.
The sodium bicarbonate must stay at the bottom of the jar.

Step 4: Colored Vinegar

Fill a plastic cap with vinegar and some drops of food coloring.
The more you put vinegar, the more the chemical reaction will last.

Step 5: Mix the Two Solutions

In order to start the lava lamp, just put the colored vinegar in the jar.

The vinegar will react with the sodium bicaronate creating CO2.

CO2 bubbles will go around the vinegar making it more light than oil pulling it up.

Then CO2 will escape and the vinegar will go down.

Step 6: Video

Watch the result in video. It is incredibly peaceful.

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