Introduction: How to Make Easy Cedar Slice End Tables

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In this instructable, I will be showing you how to create these beautiful cedar slice end tables. You can click on the 2 minute video above to see a step by step explanation of the process or keep reading below.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The following is a list of the supplies I used for this project along with a link to provide the specifications:

Step 2: Remove the Bark

Remove the bark from the cedar slices using a hammer and chisel.

Step 3: Sand the Cedar Slices

Sand down one side of the cedar slices until the surface is smooth. Start with a coarse sandpaper with a smaller grit for the heavy sanding and work your way up to a fine sandpaper with a higher grit to get a smooth finish. I also used the coarse sandpaper to smooth down some of the bark that did not come off with the chisel.

Step 4: Remove Any Stumps

If you have a slice that has any stumps from a branch remaining on the edge, you can use a table saw to remove them.

Step 5: Apply a Protective Finish

Use a damp cloth to remove any dust and let the wood dry completely. Once the wood is dry, use a synthetic bristle brush to apply a thin coat of Minwax water-based polycrylic protective finish onto the top and sides of the cedar slices. Make sure to do this step over a plastic drop cloth to ensure that you do not mess up your floor or furniture. Wait at least 2 hours and then apply a second coat. Allow the cedar slices to lay out for 24 hours before attaching them to their bases.

Step 6: Attach the Cedar Slices to Their Bases

For the bases of the tables, I picked out vases that seemed sturdy when turned upside down. You can bring your cedar slices into a store and try them out on some vases to find ones that will work well for you. To attach the cedar slices to the vases, turn the vases upside down, apply Loctite heavy duty power grab all over the bottom of the vases, and press the cedar slices onto the power grab. Then apply heavy books on top of the cedar slices and leave them to harden overnight.

Step 7: Project Completed!

And that's all it takes to make this beautiful painting! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please consider following me on Instructables and subscribing to my Youtube channel to see more content like this.

Step 8:

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