Introduction: How to Make a Long Multi-strand Silver Chain Necklace With Pearl Beads for Office Lady

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This article tutors a charming multi-strand silver chain necklace making process. You can have a go if you love it. Today I made a charming chain and pearl necklace at home with some simple materials at hand. This multi strand silver chain necklace best goes with long dresses. It is an easy jewelry making project and you can have a try after my tutorial on how to make the multi strand silver chain necklace with pearl beads.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Charming Pearl and Chain Necklace:

Jewelry making supplies:

10mm White and Blue Pearl Beads

8mm White and Blue Pearl Beads

6mm White and Blue Pearl Beads

Silver Brass Bead Spacers

Iron Silver Chain

Jump Rings

Lobster Clasp

Iron Eye Pins

Iron Headpins


Glue Gun

Step 2: Make a Pearl Chain

1st, prepare 1 6mm white pearl bead,1 10mm white bead, 2 8mm white beads, 2 8mm blue beads, 1 10mm white bead and 1 10mm blue beads and enough eye pins;

2nd, thread each bead through the eye pin along with 2 silver spacers and make loop at bottom;

3rd, connect the beads with each other in sequences as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Attach Silver Chains

1st, snip off 16 silver chains of the equal length, and then attach them to the bead hook respectively in order (as shown in the picture);

2nd, place the chains in order to form a net-like pattern;

Step 4: Finish the Necklace by Attaching the Chains' Ends to Jump Rings and Connecting Them With Lobster Clasp.

Step 5: This Stylish and Charming Chain and Pearl Necklace Is Finished! Do You Think It Beautiful?

If you are housewives at home considering making some easy but beautiful jewelry, then this long chain and pearl necklace is a good choice! You just need some silver chains and pearl beads to go with 2 steps. Are you interested in this silver strand chain necklace? Try yourself and make one by yourself!