Introduction: How to Make a Lucky Turtle Home Decor Using Plastic Ball?

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We see many home décor objects in the market and are usually attracted towards it. Once such décor is the lucky turtle. Some of us are in love with animals and turtles are one of the best home décor. It is also said that they bring positive energy to the house.

Then why not make a lucky turtle craft!! We will make one such lucky turtle from old things which are present in the house and are believed to be of no use. We have used here the minimal number of materials which are easily available at home. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Things Needed for Making Turtle Home Decor!

  • Plastic ball
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paint brushes
  • Colors
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Shilpkar clay

Step 2: Let's Make the Turtle Body!

  • Take a plastic ball and cut it into two equal halves as shown.
  • Take a small piece of cardboard and stick one half of the plastic ball to it so that it stands firmly.
  • To make the turtle’s legs we will use aluminum foil.
  • Crumble the aluminum foil in your hand and give it the shape of turtle legs.
  • Paste these legs to the plastic ball.

Step 3: Let's Use the Clay to Cover the Turtle Body!

  • Take Shilpkar clay and apply it on the surface of the legs.
  • Now make the design on the leg so that it looks more realistic like feet.
  • Similarly, make the head of the turtle using aluminum foil and cover it with clay.
  • Make the mouth and eyes of the turtle on the clay head.
  • Take the clay and flatten it. Cut out small circles from this and paste it on the plastic ball, this will make the body of the turtle.
  • Paste the head into the plastic ball.
  • Cover the entire edge of the plastic ball using clay as shown.
  • Use a brush to give it a wavy appearance.

Step 4: Let's Color the Turtle Body!

  • It is now time to paint the turtle.
  • Give a coat of white paint to the entire turtle.
  • Paint the body with green color and give some strokes of yellow highlight on the same.
  • Paint the leg and the mouth with a brownish and orange shade for a brighter appearance.
  • We will be painting the inner portion of the turtle with the orange tint.

That’s it!! Your beautiful home décor turtle is now ready to use.

Step 5: ​Conclusion

Wow, what a lovely craft. You can keep colored stones, pebbles and artificial flowers, grass and leaves inside it to make it look even more attractive. This craft is unique in its own way and makes it a wonderful home décor. You can also use it as a centerpiece.

Try our craft at home and do share your feedback with us.

Happy crafting!!