How to Make a Mini Bug Robot?

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Bug Robot?


Step 1: To Do a Mini Bug Robot You Need!!!

In today's video I'll show you an interesting idea about how to make a bug robot!
Especially using only old details, for example you can remove a connector with battery from the old motherboard, a switch from some broken MP3 player and I`m sure you will find from where yon could remove a LED) And the vibrator can be found in any old and not necessary mobile phone)) Keep yours fingers crossed, do-it-yourselfers!!)))


Step 2: Step by Step!

Step 3: It's So Easy and Simple to Make a Homemade Robot With Your Own Hands!

This robot will bring a lot of fun to your children, grandchildren, etc.

Step 4: Voila - a Mini Bug Robot!!!

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    7 years ago

    Nice! Inspired me to do one or two right now!!!