Introduction: How to Loom a Mini Golden Trio

Have you ever wanted to show off your love for Harry Potter? Now you can with a bracelet set of the Golden Trio. With the following template you can make each Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I will give you the heads up that making these bracelets takes a little bit of time because of the way they are made. Lets get started!

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies

First you will need the template which you can find above here. Please note that this was hand drawn so you may see pencil lines. The dark black line close to the bottom is how big I made mine but you can always shorten it or make it bigger if needed. My apologies but I cannot give an exact number of bands you will need to use for making the bracelets because there is the strong chance that yours won't be the same length as mine so you will have to guess on it.

Also for the tan and brown colors you can find them in the 'Camo' Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Refill. For the scarfs on the lower part the red need to be a Jelly Red which is a brighter, slightly see through than the regular Red. You can find the Jelly Red in the 'Jelly' Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Refill.

For Harry's scar you'll need to just use a regular red because when its stretched it looks slightly pinkish which is the perfect color for the lighting bolt scar.


  • 2 regular Rainbow Looms with the blue adjusters
  • 1 metal Rainbow Loom hook

Step 2: Setting Up Your Looms

To get started you will first need to connect your 2 rainbow looms together.

First use your hook and take off all of the blue adjusters. Set aside 4 of the 6 looming pegs. Next put 2 of the 4 looming pegs side by side and facing the same way. Put one of the smallest blue adjusters on the far back, then add a big on to connect the the 4 together. Finally added another small adjuster to the end of the big adjuster.

Step 3: First Row

All of the bracelets have the same starting point for the first three rows.

First your going to take a white rubber band and double it, meaning that your going to make a figure 8 and fold it over. After you do that put it onto on side of the a peg line; twist it and make it a figure 8 and put the other end onto the other peg across from the first one (as shown above). Repeat for the rest of the pegs.

After your done putting on the figure 8's, take another white band and stretch it across the first 7 pegs on one side. Then take another white band and stretch it across the rest of the bands while overlapping it on the 7th peg.

Step 4: Second Row

Now your going to take another white band is double it over again. Place it onto one peg and stretch over to the one on the opposite side, but this time you aren't going to make it into a figure 8. Repeat for the rest of the pegs.

Step 5: Looming

Now its time to loom it over. First your going to hook over the white bands that you stretched up the pegs. The easiest way to do that is to hook the second band first. This part of the step is important because it helps keep the bracelet together.

Next take your hook again and loom over the figure 8 band one each side. Repeat for the rest of this row of bands.

Step 6: Repeating

Repeat steps 4 & 5 until your bracelet is done. Make sure you mark a part of the template to ensure you don't repeat any extra rows.

Step 7: Taking It Off the Loom

After your done with your bracelet its time to take it off the loom. Take you hook and loop one side onto the other for all the pegs so it looks similar to the picture above. Then take a C-clip and clip it onto all 4 of the bands on each peg (also shown above). Finally carefully, while holding the C-clip, lift each set of bands off the loom. Stretch out the bracelet a little bit so it will pull together a bit more. The bracelet might take a little time for the bands to relax which will then allow the bracelet to tighten up a bit.

Step 8: Have Fun With It!

Now you can show off your one of a kind bracelet! I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and making these bracelets! If you would like to see the ending looms for Ron and Hermione just comment below and I will send you the pictures.

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